Friday, April 26, 2013

My big bag for chub dog food or french bread.

This was a bag I came up with out of need. I buy my dog fresh dog food in a chub like tube. It's 16 inches long and has metal clips closing the ends. SO these chubs wont fit in normal grocery bags or totes and the metal rips the plastic bag. It is also heavy. 6lbs.

So why not crochet a bag for this need?

This bag measures 22 inches long. Plenty big for the dog food chub and also a loaf of french bread!

I also found that yarn fits just fine. :) I made the bag as one panel starting at one side along the top edge using hdcr and finishing the other side top edge then scr the sides to complete. The strap is one big loop made with HDC and stitched on the bag. I finished it just in time. My dog is almost out of food. Time to head to the pet store!
Happy Crocheting!

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