Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Got Plarn"?

This last week I have been working on creating my own pattern for a market bag that I can use to carry home the tubes of fresh dog food for my dog. These chubs have metal clips on the ends that rip plastic bags, and if placed in a regular tote bag they tend to leak blood. Yuck! So I'm creating a tote or bag for this need. I will post pics when I am done.
In the meantime my next project will be a tote bag made from "Plarn". What is Plarn you ask? Its the concept of using or actually REusing plastic bags to make yarn and then crocheting them to create usable items. I want to try to make plarn and crochet a tote bag. Here is the link to a site that explains more on this. How to Make Plarn Yarn
"Plarn is the term used to describe the yarn that can be made from recycling plastic bags. Here is the link to the picture tutorial at this site on how to make plastic bag yarn or plarn from recycled retail plastic bags. Here is my plarn making tutorial if you are recycling plastic newspaper bags or other narrow plastic bags."
This is the tote I may make.

I will keep you updated!

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