Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sun hat for Red Hats Gal

My Mother-In-Law belongs to “Red Hat Society". I wanted to make her a Red Hat that no other hatter would wear. (Her in my creation at the bottom)
The inspiration for this hat came from Clare of “BobWilson123”. In her pattern and YouTube video she shows how to make a basic mesh hat and a brim that can be used on any hat pattern. So I took this pattern and ran with it.
See it here on Ravelry

I used a G-hook for hat and brim. She suggests a smaller hook for brim that resulted in a ruffly looking brim.
I used 2 colors of Carron worsted weight yarn. (acrylic yarn makes it stiffer I feel).
I mostly followed the pattern directions with some minor changes for the look I wanted.
With color “A” I worked rounds 1,2,3 & 4 skipped 5 My head measured approx 22 inches (the cap turned out too big with this round) I worked 6 rows with color “A” of round 6 and 3 rows with color “B”.
Brim: With color “A” worked round 1 skip to round 3 (rnd 2 made it too “ruffly”) Worked 10 rows, finish with a few slip stitches. The second hat, this white and black one only took 3 hours to hook!

I added some Roses
directions HERE
and Wa La!

My Mother-In-Law. She's so "Sassy"!

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